Monthly Archives: October 2016

What the Heck is a Chiropractic Adjustment Anyway?

If you’ve ever had a really sore neck or low back pain – even foot pain, headaches and shoulder problems – you might have felt better faster with a chiropractic adjustment. But are you wondering what exactly it is and how it works? Then read on! Read More

The Chiropractor for Foot Pain? Absolutely!

The feet are the foundation for the entire body, and the average American puts their feet through some 4,000 steps every single day. If you run or perform some kind of consistent cardio exercise, your feet are doing even more work. So what can you do when you’re struggling with foot pain? Visit the chiropractor! Here’s why. Read More


How Does Chiropractic Care Help People?

You may have questions about how chiropractic care can help you or a loved one, or maybe you’re wondering how this type of care fits into the current healthcare system. You’re smart to ask, and we’re happy to answer. Here’s what you should know about chiropractic care. Read More