Monthly Archives: February 2017

Reno’s Best Purification Program Begins March 8

There’s still time to join Dr. McSweeney’s purification program! The 21-Day Reset unofficially begins with a free group seminar on Wednesday, March 8 at 6 pm. You’ll learn more about how the program works, and how it will be tailored specifically to your needs and goals. Read More


The 21-Day Reset with Dr. Lynelle McSweeney

“Detox” is one of those buzzwords thrown around far too often. A true detoxification doesn’t come from a magical juice or tea, but rather from the stimulation of specific detoxification organs in the body – the liver, kidneys and intestines. With the help of medical-grade supplements, the 21-Day Reset with Dr. Lynelle McSweeney does just that. Here’s how it works. Read More


What the Heck is a Purification Program Anyway?

We recently announced Dr. McSweeney’s 21-Day Reset, a purification program designed to reset your health and wellness from the inside out. But what is a purification program? Who benefits from such a thing? And is this a fancy term for one of those juice cleanses? Read More