Seven Things Everyone Should Know about Chiropractic Care

Seven Things Everyone Should Know about Chiropractic Care

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-reno-chiropractorMillions of Americans have benefited from chiropractic care, and that’s a wonderful statistic. But the majority of our population – some two thirds – have never visited a chiropractor. It’s safe to assume that’s because they don’t know or don’t understand the benefits of chiropractic care, and how it can directly improve their lives. Here are seven things everyone should know about chiropractic care – especially those of you who’ve never visited one.

Chiropractors Treat More than Back and Neck Pain

This is a common misconception. While a chiropractor like Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno is a great choice when you’re struggling with back or neck pain, she can help you with far more than those issues. Her patients come for pain relief related to digestive issues, joints, headaches, mobility, and more. And studies are linking chiropractic care with everything from reduced blood pressure to reduced stress and asthma management.

It Could Improve your Immune System

This is especially beneficial during cold and flu season, but a robust immune system is a benefit no matter the time of year. Studies have shown boosted immune system function immediately following chiropractic adjustments in addition to reduced inflammation.

Pain is Often the Last Symptom

While pain is often what drives us to seek help, but it’s also usually the last symptom to appear. That means whatever caused your pain has been developing for weeks or even months. Our bodies are amazingly adaptive, but at some point, that ability reaches its maximum and pain appears. Unfortunately, while pain is often the last symptom, it isn’t always the first to be resolved. In fact, some patients notice they feel worse after a chiropractic adjustment, a scenario related to the changes happening in the body. Years of accumulated misalignments can mean that the first few adjustments can cause discomfort, but allowing your body the time it needs to adapt is usually all that’s needed.

Every Adjustment is Unique

Chiropractor care is unique to each patient and each visit, because no two people are alike. That’s why Dr. McSweeney practices a mix of chiropractor therapies. By doing so, she can create individual care plans designed to help her target each patient’s specific issues.

Chiropractors Treat Patients of All Ages

Dr. McSweeney sees patients ranging from infants struggling with colic up to senior citizens. She tailors her approach and treatment to each patient’s age, weight, size, and needs.

Chiropractors are a Lifesaver during Pregnancy

Lower back pain is a common side effect of pregnancy, and regular chiropractic care can make a dramatic difference. According to the American Pregnancy Association, chiropractor care can also keep the pelvis aligned for a smoother, faster delivery, control symptoms of nausea, and help maintain a healthier pregnancy.

It’s a Team Effort

While Dr. McSweeney can help you feel great after an adjustment, maintaining that feeling is a team effort. She will do her job, and you should do your best to practice mindful movement, eat a varied and nutritious diet, reduce stress, and make time for quality sleep.

There are many, many benefits to chiropractic care, and we invite you to learn more about them yourself. See what you can expect at your first chiropractic appointment with Dr. McSweeney, and schedule your visit today. Questions? Just ask. We’re happy to answer them, and we hope to see you soon.

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