Two Tests to Determine Hip Pain from Low Back Pain

Two Tests to Determine Hip Pain from Low Back Pain


You can differentiate your hip from your low back, of course, but determining the origin of pain in that general area is a little harder than you might realize. If you’re struggling with pain in your hip – or your low back – and you’re looking for relief, Dr. McSweeney can help you identify the real issue. Here are two tests to determine hip back from low back pain.

True Hip Pain? Here’s How to Tell

The hip is a strong joint that runs between the long thigh bone and the pelvis. True hip pain is related to inflammation in the joint capsule and a build-up of synovial fluid, the oily liquid that lubricates the joint, but it can often present with the same symptoms as certain low back problems. To help pinpoint whether your discomfort is really related to the hip, Dr. McSweeney will use these two diagnostic tests.

  • Test one: From a seated position, place an ankle on the opposite thigh and then press lightly on your knee. It may feel tight and painful in the groin.
  • Test two: From a seated position, cross your legs and gently pull the top knee toward the opposite shoulder. It may be painful on the outside and back of the hip, or you may notice pinching in the groin.

Your feedback to these tests will help her determine the source of your pain so that it can be treated properly and effectively.

Treatment Options for Hip Pain

Once Dr. McSweeney has been able to determine the issue, she can make recommendations to alleviate your pain. Treatment options for hip or low back pain may include a mix of the following:

  • Mobilization
  • Soft-tissue therapies
  • Specific exercises and stretches

Dr. McSweeney knows that every patient who walks through her door is an individual, and no two treatments or appointments are alike. That’s why she’ll create a personalized treatment plan that will address your source of pain – and remedy it.

If you’re not sure whether this nagging pain is in your hip or your low back, but you want it managed either way, a consultation with Dr. McSweeney may be the answer. Learn more about what to expect at your first visit, or schedule your appointment today.

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