4 Common Misconceptions about Chiropractors

4 Common Misconceptions about Chiropractors

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-reno-back-painModern chiropractic care is an evidence-based practice bringing pain relief to millions of Americans every year. Still, public perception of chiropractic care isn’t always positive. The right information goes a long way, and this is what Dr. Lynelle McSweeney here in Reno wants everyone to understand about chiropractic care. Here are four common misconceptions about chiropractors.

Chiropractors Aren’t Real Doctors

This is an oddly persistent belief, but it’s flat wrong. According to the American Chiropractic Association, “chiropractic is a regulated healthcare profession here in the United States – and has been for more than 100 years.” In order to practice, doctors of chiropractic must meet rigid educational and competency standards and receive a license. This includes passing national board exams to verify knowledge and skill sets, as well as individual state boards.

Chiropractors Only Crack Your Back

Chiropractic treatment varies widely. Having an adjustment is one kind of treatment, but there are many others. From massage to soft-tissue manipulation, activator to diversified, chiropractors have many techniques at their disposal. Here at Dr. McSweeney’s Reno office, she prefers a holistic, multi-technique approach. Patients are all different, and their treatment should be just as individualized.

Chiropractic Care Can Make Your Condition Worse

In any medical industry, there are exceptional caregivers and there are mediocre ones. A bad experience with one chiropractor doesn’t mean they’re all bad. But this myth may also relate to the reality that chiropractor care can make some patients feel worse before they feel better. While instant relief is typical during your visit, it’s normal to feel discomfort in the hours after. That’s because your body is adjusting to the changes that were made.

Once You Start Chiropractic Care, You Have to Keep Going

The absence of pain is a wonderful thing. While Dr. McSweeney’s goal is always to treat her patients quickly and effectively, she finds that many of her patients become more tuned into their bodies. As soon as they become aware that something isn’t right, they’re more likely to come in for treatment than to go back to simply dealing with the pain. Starting chiropractor doesn’t mean you must continue it, but you may find that you want to do just that.

Ready to try chiropractic? Learn more about what to expect at your first visit with the chiropractor, and schedule an appointment with Dr. McSweeney today.

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