The Benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy

The Benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-low-level-laser-therapy-renoDr. Lynelle McSweeney’s holistic approach to chiropractic care involves a variety of techniques and tools. We’re pleased to announce a new tool – low-level laser therapy. Here’s what to know about the benefits of low-level laser therapy, and why Dr. McSweeney may use it during your next visit.

What is Low-Level Laser Therapy?

Good question! Low-level laser therapy is a therapeutic tool designed to diversely address a number of medical issues. It doesn’t merely suppress pain or increase range of motion – this kind of laser therapy actually restores functionality by stimulating both the nervous system and tissue at the site of issue to resolve inflammation, increase oxygen and blood flow, promote muscle calcium uptake, and boost neurotransmitter release.

Clinical studies and trials of low-level laser technology indicate a range of benefits:

  • Anti-inflammation: dilating blood vessels and activating the lymphatic system to reduce swelling
  • Analgesic: partially blocking neural transmission of pain signals and decreasing nerve sensitivity
  • Accelerated tissue repair and cell growth: penetrates deeply into tissues to increase energy available to cells
  • Improved vascular activity: increases the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissue for more rapid healing and reduced scarring
  • Increased metabolic activity: stimulates higher outputs of healing enzymes in blood cells

So How Does it Work?

That all sounds great, but you’re probably wondering how the laser actually does all of that. Low-level laser therapy uses a principle of science called phytochemistry. Essentially, it’s the manipulation of chemical and biochemical reactions through the absorption of photos, or light energy. When the body is exposed to a particular color of light, reactions within the body’s cell take place, promoting energy production, proven and growth factor synthesis, enhanced flow of blood and oxygen, and other benefits for healing.

All of this, and you won’t feel a thing! The laser doesn’t deliver a significant amount of energy, so there is no sensation of vibration or heat during your treatment.

What’s the Difference Between This and a Laser Pointer?

Yes, a laser pointer is the right color as this tool, but it doesn’t provide nearly enough energy. To achieve a clinical response, laser therapy must been stringent parameters specific to color and wavelength.

This FDA-approved tool is already working wonders for many of Dr. McSweeney’s patients. Schedule an appointment today to see the benefits for yourself – we’re offering a free laser treatment to all of our patients. Just ask!

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