6 Tips to Boost the Immune System

6 Tips to Boost the Immune System

dr-mcsweeney-reno-boost-immune-systemA strong immune system is important all the time, but these days, people are more tuned in to its value than usual. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help keep your immune system healthy. Here are six tips to boost the immune system.

Eat Green

A primarily plant-based diet gives your body what it needs to work properly. That doesn’t mean you need to swear off meat completely, but opt for lean protein choices and bulk up on the greens. We know that nutritional deficiencies – particularly zinc and vitamin C – impair the immune system, so do your best to eat a diverse, colorful, whole food diet. And if that’s a challenge, tip five will help!

Stay Active

Colder, shorter days can leave us feeling unmotivated, but fresh air and exercise are so important. Mindful movement has multiple benefits – everything from an endorphin and energy boost to a recharged immune system and better sleep – so pencil consistent workouts into your schedule and make a point of prioritizing them.

Nourish your Gut Microbiome

The human body is an incredible ecosystem, and research has linked the health of your gut bacteria to your health overall. Dr. McSweeney can run a simple test to ensure your gut microbiome is thriving, and she’ll have specific suggestions if that’s not the case. Just mention it at your next appointment.

Practice Self Care

Routines have changed, and it’s not always possible to spend time with the people or do all the things we love. Make time to practice some form of regular self care, whether that’s a warm bath, meditation, or time outdoors. It makes a big difference.

Supplement As Needed

The link between COVID-19 and vitamin D has been made – those who are deficient are more likely to test positive and more likely to have complications. This is a critical time to make sure you’re supplementing with vitamin D3. Another important supplement is vitamin C. It tends to dip when the immune system is working hard to fight off invading organisms, and you can replenish it easily with a daily supplement. The same is true of zinc.

Get an Adjustment

Clinical evidence shows that immunity increases following an adjustment. If you’ve been dealing with nagging pain in the neck, hips, pelvis or back, schedule a visit with Dr. McSweeney. This is a busy time of year, on top of the pandemic that we’ve been dealing with for the last nine months. Prioritize your body’s immune system – it matters.