Four Tips for Finding a Good Reno Chiropractor

Four Tips for Finding a Good Reno Chiropractor

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-reno-chiropractor-2Heading to the chiropractor here in Reno? You have no shortage of options – there are dozens upon dozens of chiropractic clinics in town. But how can you find a good Reno chiropractor, someone you can really trust? It’s not always easy, so we’re sharing four tips for finding a good chiropractor, whether you’re in Reno or elsewhere.

Ask for Recommendations

A primary care physician can be a good place to start for a chiropractic recommendation. But so too can friends and family. Think about what’s important to you in a chiropractor – experience, ongoing education, a holistic approach, all three? Spend some time online looking through your options, and see what feels right. While you’re online, run a quick search to check whether the practitioner has been hit with any malpractice claims or disciplinary action. If all is clear, step two is to reach out to see if the office that caught your eye is accepting new patients.

Ask about the Scope of Treatment Options

Chiropractic techniques and tools should be varied, and your chiropractor should have no problem explaining the scope of treatment options available to you. Many conditions need something other than just an adjustment, so your care shouldn’t be limited to just that.

 Be Wary of Long-Term Treatment Plans

If an office is asking you to return indefinitely, there should be a very clear explanation why. Practices that tell you a particular issue will need treatment several times a week for months on end need to be able to clarify why this is so, because in most cases, it isn’t!

Depending on the issue being treated, a reasonable treatment plan will often include a trial period of care that lasts anywhere between one and six visits, or until symptoms resolve. It’s very individualized thing.

Expect Aligned Goals

Patient and chiropractic goals should always be aligned, so lay out your expectations from the start. Maybe you want your chiro to demonstrate exercises you can use to self manage your condition, but your doctor prefers that you come in more often. While it’s fine for your chiropractor to share her recommendations, ultimately, your goals should come first.

If you’re looking for a great chiropractor in Reno, we hope you’ll come in to meet Dr. McSweeney and Dr. Allen. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.

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