4 Reasons to See a Reno Chiropractor

4 Reasons to See a Reno Chiropractor

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-electrotherapyMillions of people visit the chiropractor annually, in search of relief from all kinds of ailments. In Reno, Dr. Lynelle McSweeney offers a holistic approach to chiropractic care that includes joint manipulation, low-level laser therapy, physical therapy modalities, education, massage, rehabilitation exercises, and even nutrition and supplement recommendations. While there are a number of conditions that Dr. McSweeney can address, here are four reasons to see a chiropractor in Reno sooner rather than later.

Low Back Pain

Chronic pain in the low back drives a lot of people to the chiropractor, and that’s particularly true with the increased work-from-home lifestyle. Chiropractors, like Dr. McSweeney, are highly trained in the diagnosis of specific causes of back pain and effective therapies for relief. You can expect medication-free therapies and a mix of treatments, as well as guidance on stretches and exercises you can complete at home. Posture tips and ergonomic advice are also common.

Neck Pain

“Tech neck” is a byproduct of our tech-heavy lifestyles, and it can be painful. When you visit Dr. McSweeney for neck pain, she’ll evaluate you for the best treatment plan, which may include gentle spinal manipulation, massage therapy, tool-assisted chiropractic methods, stretches, and lifestyle advice.


Chronic headaches, particularly here in Reno, are often related to dehydration. If you’re guzzling water and still dealing with ongoing headaches, tightness in the neck and shoulders is another common culprit. Dr. McSweeney has several tools and therapies specifically for headache relief, and again, she’ll advise you on specific stretches and changes you can make at home to help reduce the incidences of headache.

Pain and Stiffness in Muscles and Joints

While many people naturally associate the chiropractor with pain relief in the back and neck, and even with headache mitigation, they’re often surprised to learn that a chiropractor can also address pain and stiffness in your muscles and joints. From tennis elbow to carpal tunnel to nagging knee or ankle pain, Dr. McSweeney has tools and techniques designed to bring relief.

If you’re struggling with ongoing pain, it may be worth considering chiropractic care. In Reno, Dr. McSweeney is happy to answer all of your questions. Schedule a visit today.