Something New in 2022…

Something New in 2022…

dr lynelle mcsweeney reno big news 770 x 300 px 770x300 - Something New in 2022...We’re thrilled to announce that our practice is expanding! We’ve closed on a separate suite to better serve our patients with a range of new services. You’ll still see Dr. McSweeney and Dr. Allen in our current space for all your chiropractic needs, with additional services for health, energy, weight loss, and more in our brand new space in Suite E. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming in early 2022.

Boost Your Health

From nutrient infusions to microbiome and hormone health, our medical practitioner can help you feel your best. Ask us about:

  • Immune, vitamin C, and B vitamin infusions
  • Personalized nutrition infusions
  • DUTCH and gut microbiome testing

Boost Your Energy

Feeling drained? Personalized nutrition infusions, B12 shots, and NAD infusions can help put the spring back in your step.

Boost Your Confidence

In addition to Zerona laser treatments, we’ll be offering nutrition guidance, weigh-loss consultations, vitality boosts, and surgery-free procedures like Botox, collagen infusions, Biotin, and vitamin boosts for a healthy glow.

Stay Tuned!

Renovations on the new space should be complete in early January, so stay tuned for information on our new website and grand opening date.