5 Traits of a Good Chiropractor

5 Traits of a Good Chiropractor

dr-mcsweeney-reno-signs-good-chiropractorIf you’ve ever received really amazing or really terrible healthcare, the experience likely sticks out in your mind. And while we very much hope your experience was a good one, that’s not the case for everyone. For some people, poor care with a particular doctor or chiropractor is enough to turn them off for good. It’s unfortunate, because chiropractic care in particular can help with a range of ailments. The key is finding a chiropractor you can trust, and knowing what to look for can help. Here are five traits of a good chiropractor.

A good chiropractor will always begin with an assessment

If you’ve ever visited Dr. McSweeney, you’ve experienced this first hand. She begins every session with a thorough assessment of her patients, which includes a hands-on diagnostic exam and questions about how you’re feeling. That’s in addition to an intake sheet where you can pinpoint areas of concern. After all, the more information she has, the better!

A good chiropractor will always take this time to understand what’s brought you in. If you notice this step is skipped and your chiropractor moves straight to adjusting and scheduling your next appointment, you should ask yourself whether you might be better served elsewhere.

A good chiropractor will be clear about your treatment strategy

The assessment is an opportunity for Dr. McSweeney to make a plan for your care. She’ll be clear about the techniques and treatments she’s using to help you feel better, and what makes them effective. If you have questions, ask! She’s always happy to explain what she’s doing so you really understand what’s happening.

If a chiropractor doesn’t offer a clear understanding of what they’re doing or why, or worse, brushes you off when you inquire, be very clear that you deserve more care and consideration than that.

A good chiropractic will prioritize how you’re feeling

“Tickle torture” is something that Dr. McSweeney will warn patients about when she’s using percussion therapy on the sensitive inner knee area. Letting patients know how they might feel in response to certain therapies and treatments is a priority. The kind of communication is key, and you should always feel comfortable expressing how you’re feeling during your care. If you don’t, ask yourself why — and whether the chiropractor you’re seeing has something to do with it.

A good chiropractor personalizes your care with a multi-technique treatment approach

There is no “one size fits all” approach to chiropractic care. Nutrition, exercise, posture, stretching, ice and heat therapies, cold-laser therapy, supplementing, all of these things can play a beneficial role in helping you feel better. A good chiropractor will offer a well-rounded approach to your care, and that includes things you can do at home. If your sessions involve the same treatments for weeks or months on end, with no clear direction or explanation, it’s time to find a new chiropractor.

A good chiropractor will make you feel comfortable and welcome

If you’re seeing a chiropractor regularly, you want to feel valued. Dr. McSweeney is truly invested in her patients, and that’s not something you can fake. Mental and spiritual health can impact us physically, and a truly holistic approach to patient care inevitably means inquiring into how people are feeling. Empathy from your chiropractor is always a good sign. Without a personal connection, you simply aren’t receiving the level of care you deserve.

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