How Often Do I Need to Visit my Chiropractor?

How Often Do I Need to Visit my Chiropractor?


People seeing a chiropractor for the first time often have questions. What should they expect in terms of treatment? How can they keep back/neck/hip pain at bay? Which supplements or stretches are recommended? One of the biggest questions relates to frequency. Do they need to come back? At Dr. McSweeney’s holistic chiropractic office here in Reno, we’re well aware of the misconception that once you start chiropractic treatment, you need to continue. That’s not the case at our practice, and it shouldn’t automatically be the case anywhere else, either. Here’s what to understand about how often you should visit your chiropractor.

Treatment Frequency Should Be Based on Patient Need

For Dr. McSweeney, visit frequency recommendations are always based on patient need. Her focus is on getting her patients out of pain, and sometimes a single session is all that’s needed. Sometimes, she’ll ask a patient to come back for a follow up to ensure that treatment was successful. It’s important to understand that some patients are dealing with underlying stressors that simply won’t be resolved in a single visit. To offer her patients the best care, Dr. McSweeny always begins her appointments with questions about how you’re feeling, along with simple diagnostic tests to help her identify the source of your discomfort or pain. That information means she can make the best recommendations for your care, including whether you’ll benefit from a return visit.

Understanding Preventative Chiropractic Care

Some visits to the chiropractor are scheduled to address existing pain. Preventative chiropractic care is something different. Patients who have received chiropractic care often begin to notice when their spines, hips, or neck feel out of alignment. It makes sense that they’re more tuned into what an aligned spine feels like, and so are more aware of when something is out place. These patients usually come in when they feel like they need an adjustment, or they might begin a preventative care approach with treatment every month or two. Children and especially young athletes tend to really benefit from regular visits, simply because of growth patterns and activity level. In these scenarios, visit frequency is up the patient.

Determining Visit Frequency

Letting your body dictate your visits is often the best way to determine frequency. If it makes you feel good to come in regularly to address misalignments before they become a issue, that’s a great idea. If you prefer to treat issues as they come, that’s fine too. Dr. McSweeney is always happy to offer her recommendation if it’s helpful. Feel free to contact us today with any questions.