7 Signs It’s Time to See the Chiropractor

7 Signs It’s Time to See the Chiropractor

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-reno-chiropractorIt’s pretty typical for people to head to the chiropractor when something isn’t right. Maybe their lower back has been tight for ages, or they can’t comfortably turn their head. Either way, many people have a habit of visiting the chiropractor when they simply can’t tolerate their symptoms any longer. And while that’s certainly an option, there are benefits to seeing the chiropractor for other reasons too. Here are eight signs it’s time to see the chiropractor. 

You Have Frequent Headaches

There are multiple factors that can contribute to headaches, including but not limited to dehydration, malnutrition, and spinal misalignments. Here in northern Nevada, it’s helpful to consider hydration packs that add a mix of important minerals to your water. Dr. Lynelle McSweeney can help relieve headaches with massage and gentle adjustments. She may also recommend dietary changes, sleep modifications, or specific stretches to help keep headaches at bay.

You Have Joint & Muscle Pain

It’s common to reach for painkillers when your joints or muscles are aching. But these OTC solutions just address symptoms and not the root cause of your pain and discomfort. A possible issue is a musculoskeletal misalignment that is affecting communication in the body. A chiropractor can assess your condition and offer solutions designed to increase blood flow and re-align the body.

You Lead a Sedentary Lifestyle

The human body wasn’t designed to sit all day, every day. But with our tech-heavy lifestyles, many of us spend more time seated or prone that we do moving. Pair hours upon hours of sitting with poor posture, and that’s a lot of pressure on the upper back, shoulders, and neck. A chiropractor can help return your spine to proper alignment and share tips for proper posture to minimize wear and tear going forward.

Your Back Always Hurts

If you notice that your back is bothering you pretty much every day, it’s time to see the chiropractor. There are many issues that contribute to back pain, including some on this very list, and identifying the causes can help you minimize back pain.

You Have Limited Range of Motion

Can’t comfortably turn your neck? Notice limited range in your arms or legs, or just a difference in flexibility? This is a good sign that it’s time to visit the chiropractor. By realigning joints and bones, an adjustment can relieve pain and increase range of motion. That’s important for your body to function as it’s supposed to.

The Wear on Your Shoe Soles Doesn’t Match

Do your shoes wear out differently? Wear and tear that doesn’t match on the soles of your shoes can indicate the presence of spinal or pelvic misalignments. This means one leg is bearing more weight than the other. A chiropractic manipulation can help address the issue so it doesn’t worsen.

You Lead an Active Lifestyle

Weekend warriors and student athletes alike benefit from chiropractic care because of the extra strain and pressure their bodies are under thanks to physical activities. If you lead an active lifestyle, adjustments can help improve recovery times and ensure alignment to avoid problems that could sideline you.

In Reno, Drs. Lynelle McSweeney and Duane Allen offer a holistic approach to chiropractic that involves different techniques to keep your body strong so you can do all of the things you love. Whether you come in for emergencies or like the idea of preventative care, they can help. Schedule your visit today.

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