Common Questions (and Answers!) about the Chiropractor

Common Questions (and Answers!) about the Chiropractor

faqs-about-chiropractor-reno-dr-mcsweeneyIf you’re new to the idea of visiting a chiropractor for back and neck pain, you may surprised to learn that chiropractic care can treat all sorts of health issues. Here in Reno, Dr. McSweeney and Dr. Allen field a lot of the same questions from people who are visiting the chiropractor for the first time. Read on for common questions (and answers!) about the chiropractor.

What conditions do chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors are trained to provide care for people of all ages. While they do see many patients for back pain, neck pain, and headaches, they also treat issues relating to the muscles, ligaments and joints of the musculoskeletal system. These conditions can affect the nervous system, creating referred pain in other places. Finally, chiropractors can also offer recommendations and advice on nutrition, exercise, posture, and lifestyle modifications designed to improve your health and wellness.

Is chiropractic treatment ongoing or offered on an as-needed basis?

This largely depends on the condition being treated. In some cases, for example, Dr. McSweeney will advise a patient to return for a period of time, simply because healing can’t always be rushed. However, she will advise patients on the scope of treatment recommended, so there are no surprises.

Some chiropractic patients prefer to come in for treatment on an as-needed basis, which is fine too.

Is chiropractic treatment safe?

Yes. In fact, chiropractic is considered one of the safest, most effective, pharmaceutical-free, non-invasive forms of healthcare available for treating neuromusculoskeletal issues. Like any health treatment, there may be side effects. With chiropractic, those side effects usually include mild soreness, aching, or stiffness the following day, just like you’d feel after a workout. It’s a normal experience following a treatment in which your muscles and ligaments have been pulled and stretched, and your body has been reset. It’s on the road back to its normal, healthy state, and it’s common to feel some discomfort along the way.

Does chiropractor treatment help children?

Yes. Dr. McSweeney and Dr. Allen treat many children and young adults. By nature, children tend to be quite physically active. Blows and bumps and falls from daily play or organized sports can lead to stiff, sore little bodies. Since chiropractic care is adapted to the individual receiving it, it’s entirely appropriate for children. This kind of care is very gentle.

How can I find a good chiropractor in my area?

A referral from someone you trust can often steer you in the right direction. Look online for local chiropractors in your area, and spend some time reading up on their approach and techniques offered. Here in Reno, Dr. McSweeney and Dr. Allen offer a holistic, multi-technique approach to chiropractic care. This mix of modalities gives them lots of options for customizing treatment to each patient they see.

More questions?

We’re happy to answer them! Contact our team today for any specific information you need about Dr. McSweeney, Dr. Allen, and the services we offer.

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