Benefits of a Holistic Chiropractor (And Where to Find One in Reno)

Benefits of a Holistic Chiropractor (And Where to Find One in Reno)

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-holistic-chiropractor-renoA holistic approach to chiropractic care takes into account the influence of mental, emotional, and spiritual healing in the pursuit of physical healing. Here at Dr. McSweeney’s holistic chiropractic office in Reno, the goal isn’t to treat a single symptom but to factor for all the things that can affect someone’s well-being in order to offer a complete form of care.

Understanding Holistic Chiropractic

While a holistic approach to healthcare as a whole means identifying underlying causes of pain, what does it mean in the field of chiropractic? It’s similar. By combing techniques, including adjustments, massage, cold-laser therapy, nutritional advice, exercises and stretches, and even weigh-loss management, Dr. McSweeney can create wellness plans that are tailored to the individual needs of every patient. It’s a full-body approach that doesn’t just focus on the symptom, be it chronic headaches, a sore back, or joint pain, but rather the root causes of these issues.

How Does Holistic Chiropractic Differ from Traditional Chiropractic?

There are a number of disciplines in the chiropractic field, but generally, treatments involve the manual manipulation, or adjusting, of the spine. These adjustments restore communication between the brain and the rest of the body, which can offer significant pain relief and improved mobility. Other benefits include:

  • improved flexibility
  • muscle strength
  • improved neurological health
  • better range of motion

Holistic chiropractic offers the same benefits, but the difference is in the level of personalization. There is no one-size-fits-all treatment for everyone who walks in the door. By tailoring treatments to the individual, Dr. McSweeney can offer her patients vastly improved outcomes. Specifically, holistic chiropractic can help:

Reno’s Best Holistic Chiropractor

There are a number of skilled chiropractors in the Reno area. But if you like the idea that true wellness isn’t limited to the resolution of a single symptom and that our overall well-being is a reflection of our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health, a holistic approach to chiropractor will serve you well. In Reno, you’ll find holistic chiropractor at Dr. McSweeney’s office. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.