My Chiropractic Adjustment Made Me Feel Worse!

My Chiropractic Adjustment Made Me Feel Worse!

dr-lynelle-mcsweeney-reno-chiropracticWhen your back or neck is out of alignment and causing pain, going to the chiropractor is a good idea. But what happens if your chiropractic adjustment makes you feel worse? Here’s why that may happen, and why it’s not actually a bad thing.

It May Get Worse Before it Gets Better

Visiting the chiropractor for a new pain often means instant relief during your adjustment. But it’s not unusual to notice soreness a few hours after your appointment, and it may be even worse than the pain that had you calling the chiropractor in the first place! So what’s going on?

If you’re new to chiropractic care, years of accumulated spinal misalignments will mean some amount of discomfort after your first few adjustments. That’s because there are changes happening in your body. And while they may be positive changes, they’re still uncomfortable. The key is giving your body some time to adjust and adapt to these changes. Think of it like this – the first time you lift weights or run a mile can be incredibly uncomfortable, to the point that may even feel physically ill. For a day or two or three afterward, your body will feel sore and weak. But sticking to your workout plan means your body will begin adapting. Within even just a few weeks, you won’t have the same negative reaction to your workouts.

The Same is True with Chiropractic Care

When misalignments that have been present for years – or just a few days – are suddenly corrected, your body needs time to adjust to the change. Muscles, ligaments and joints must re-adapt to the vertebra’s improved new position, and that takes time.

If you feel wore after your adjustment, it’s not necessarily cause for alarm. At Dr. McSweeney’s Reno practice, she’ll let you know if you can anticipate any soreness after your treatment. She may recommend things you can do at home, like using an anti-inflammatory or ice packs, and she’ll give you a timeline for when you can expect to begin feeling better. Remember, chiropractic care isn’t an instant fix, but a process.

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