I never mind waiting because she is so amazing. She is patient and kind always even when she is so very busy.  I appreciate her knowledge and expertise as well as her bedside manner. She shows that she really cares.

—Shelley S.

I left the office feeling my physical and emotional life had been given a major lift. I really appreciate Dr. McSweeney’s ability to address emotional issues. I hadn’t realized this was a strength of her practice. The support staff is most efficient and warm. Great appointment! Much gratitude!

—Joan W.

All I can say is how much our family loves your family.  We love the approach of fixing the real problem.

—Sean H.

Best service and care ever!! I don’t think I could survive without Dr McSweeny! She is the very best in finding where I am broke and how to fix me. Thank you!!

—Chuck C.

Just so pleased & always feel assured that I received the best care. Professional, friendly & courteous office, staff & Dr. Lynelle herself.

—Linda C.

Dr. McSweeney and her staff are the greatest!! I enjoy my visits there. Everyone is so pleasant.

—Kathy J.

Friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. Staff is wonderful and the very best doctor.

—Evelyn W.

Dr. Lynelle McSweeny Chiropractic

This past year has probably been one of the hardest years for me and my family. Well, it’s probably one of the hardest years for most people, really. With that being said, it has been a year to invest in our health. Dr. Allen and Dr. McSweeney are valuable people, full of insight, compassion, and understanding. They care about their clients. The services offered are high quality and you get results. My health and my families health has improved drastically even in times of crisis. My mood has improved, my neck can turn, energy and quality of life continues to grown. My son (9 years old) used to be sensitive to the touch and now moves with ease. The best chiropractors in town. Not to mention, their staff is friendly, encouraging, and will go the extra mile to help you in any way they can. Always a pleasure to see them. I highly recommend them.

—Laura S.

Dr. McSweeney is hands down the most holistic chiro in Northern NV! Give her a shot, you will NOT be disappointed!

—Annah B.

I was very ill from a viral infection I had been combating on my own for about a month. One session with her and 48 hours later symptom free. She is knowledgeable, personable, and thorough. I strongly recommend adding her to your list of healers.

—Steven C.

Dr. McSweeney is an excellent doctor who has helped me with back and neck pain, as well as provided guidance with nutrition and exercise. She is very professional, but casual and made the whole treatment comfortable and relaxing. I would highly recommend her to others.

—Eric A.

The first time I went to Lynnelle I couldn’t walk because of my sciatica. I walked out pain free and it changed my life. She not only helps with adjustments (which are amazing), but she’s helped cure lifelong ailments, like digestion and daily headaches. It has been about 5 years now, and she feels more like family. Go see her, for anything and everything. I promise you’ll thank me! All of my friends and family see her regularly as well.

—Cristina F.

I have been so impressed with Dr. McSweeney’s treatments. She is thorough, willing to answer questions and find modifications when needed. She truly listens, finds solutions and treats my whole person, not just joint by joint. I have finally found a chiropractic doctor that has relieved my hip and knee pain. It’s been a four year search – so happy to have found her!. Don’t give up – try her.

—Donna G.

I have suffered for years with lower back pain and have never had luck with chiropractors until visiting Dr. McSweeney. My past chiropractors have always put me on a treatment “plan” where I have to visit numerous times per week and have even been duped into paying over $1000 up front for the promise of being cured of my pain. I felt manipulated, cheated and hopeless. Prior to my first visit with Dr. McSweeney, I had sworn off chiropractors for years due to my negative experiences. Last year I hurt my back during a workout and ended up with severe sciatica pain. I knew Dr. McSweeney from our children attending the same school, so when I couldn’t get into my doctor for a week, I immediately contacted her. She had me in her office within 24 hours and relieved my pain within a 20-minute visit. I was amazed and immediately put my trust in her treatment. I would and have recommended Dr. McSweeny to many people. She is so much more than a chiropractor. With the help of homeopathic meds she has helped me recover quickly from the flu, reduced inflammation, and has also improved my gut health with dietary suggestions. She is amazing.

—Allison M.

As an athlete, I have been to many chiropractors for various injuries. A co-worker of mine insisted I see Dr. McSweeney and I was not disappointed. The office environment is very comfortable and centrally located, I’ve also found it easy to get an appointment. The entire process was comfortable, easy and very beneficial. She is very thorough and takes the time to explain everything as she is doing it. I can’t say enough about Dr. McSweeney and recommend her to anyone looking for healing or maintenance.

—Jo W.

I first heard about Lynelle from one of my girlfriends and I thought she sounded terrific but I also already had a chiropractor that I was very happy with so I didn’t end up seeing her. A few months later my plantar fasciitis started acting up and so I thought I would give her a try. She far exceeded ALL of my expectations. I absolutely loved how detailed she was with all aspects of my body and how much she listened to me. She completely healed my plantar fasciitis and I was able to run in the RTO a month later. I now see her for all aspects of my health. When I get a cold she completely works her magic, when my digestion is off she always has something to make it better or completely heal it. I would and actually DO recommend her to everyone I know. She is truly a healer and I am always beyond satisfied with what she does for me and my body.

—Ann G.

I’ve been to several chiropractors before, but I have never been to anyone as thorough was Dr. McSweeney. She is amazing. I started seeing her when I was pregnant  because of a lot of hip and back pain. She helped me greatly. I don’t know how I would have survived the end of my pregnancy with her. I also believe seeing her regularly aided in a smooth delivery of my baby. She continues to help me with neck pain, back pain, wrist and shoulder pain. I recommend Dr. McSweeney to anyone. She is very friendly and professional and a wonderful chiropractor. I don’t feel like I’ve ever as thoroughly adjusted as when I go see Dr. McSweeney.

—Charlotte B.